About Us


What is a biker church? What to expect?

You can expect to be welcomed with open arms! You can expect to come and be who you are. You can expect to hear songs of praise from yesterday and today, you can expect to hear God’s word preached in a understandable and simple way. You can expect to be comfortable and relaxed. ¬†We are a non traditional church, focused on worshiping Jesus Christ in a casual and comfortable setting, and loving people where they are. We are focused on what matters, our relationship with Christ and not on what you are wearing or how many tattoos you have or don’t have.

Do you have to have a bike to come?

NO! We do not care what you drive or ride.

Do I have to dress up like a biker?

NO ! We want you to come and be comfortable and just be who you are. When we say “Come as you are” and “Everyone welcome” we mean it! We don’t care if you come in your leathers or in your Sunday best.

We believe there are non believers as well as believers that are not going to church for one reason or another. We hope to remove those reasons. God doesn’t care what you wear or where you have been. He just wants you to come hang out with Him, and so do we!

Freedom Road Biker Church is indeed non traditional, but there are some traditions we will hold true to, We worship our Lord in song, We believe His word is absolute and we will hold to the truth of the bible and we love fellowship.

Just come hang out with us one Sunday and see for yourself!

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